The COBEDIAS textbook

«Clinical diagnosis is currently the most neglected of the bases for the scientific practice of medicine.»
J.M. Orient aus: «Sapira's Art and Science of Bedside Diagnosis» (2005)


The clinical examination - renaissance in the era of information technology

Author: Barbara C. Biedermann

The comprehensive manner how to capture a patient's health status and the making of a right diagnosis - both are classical domains of general internal medicine. And both are fascinating capabilites of physicians. Our vision is modernizing the traditional medical art of clinical examination with the help of information technology. This is how the first COBEDIAS electronic status bulletin, that was committed to the teaching standard of occidental scientific medicine. The high quality documentation of clinical findings is a prerequisite for easy further use of history and physical exam data. By working with COBEDIAS, each physician can contribute his ordinary business work to the collective medical memory and to the gain of clinical knowledge. The herein presented, convenient and concise clinical textbook introduces into all chapters of clinical examination. An indispensable companion for every medical student or intern in general internal medicine.